Friday, 31 May 2013

Papa's Stupid Axe Build

Build link - here

This build is ridiculous. It keeps crazy stacks of might up and lets you hit a big eviscerate (like on the video below) if you are smart with it.

You need to pick your battles carefully. Keep your elite up as much of the time in the fight as you can, and alongside furious reaction this should give you the 5% extra crit damage (for a total of 65%) and a crit chance of 59%.

This is pretty stable, and with the sigil up too it isn't strange for you to easily keep your power around the 2600 mark.

Try it out. It can be pretty suicidal, but you get some nice CC with the shield 4, the mace 5 and throw bolas. Between them you will always have something to pair with your eviscerate so you can hit it a lot of the time.

Try it out, it's fun!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Papa's Behemoth Build

Hi all,

Continuing on with my new builds this is my favorite so far.

It revolves around using Earthshaker every time it is ready and pairing this with Hundred Blades. The tankyness is very nice, you have one big condi removal, but apart from that the utilities are used to buff the stats.

Signet of Fury is very nice to use on the way to an engagement so you get there with one Earthshaker in teh chamber, and Rage keeps your movement high, especially when paired with the Greatsword.


Thursday, 9 May 2013

Banner Bunker Warrior (BBW)

Hi everyone,

Got a new build for you today:

It's a really nice bunker spec and is pretty awesome in team fights. It might be worth swapping out the axe/shield for hammer if you are planning on handing out some more CC, as at the moment it is quite toothless.

However the AoE regen and condi stripping is amazing, and it keeps boons up on all your guys full time.

I have put some footage of me playing it for the first time today below. As you can tell I've never tried it and die a few times before I get into the groove with it, but it seems to be viable and very fun for a change of pace from the normal DPS Warrior.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Kill Shot Testing

This goes with the video below on Eviscerate testing.

The combo of Volley and Kill Shot pump out some frankly ridiculous damage, especially when you factor in the fact that this is from range.

Eviscerate Testing

After the changes to the main Eviscerate trait (combining two grandmaster traits) I decided to do some testing of how powerful this ability could be. Enjoy.