Friday, 24 August 2012

Papa's Immovable Object Build


This build is based around being able to sit on a point and hold it in SPvP.

1.9k toughness and almost 30k health is backed up by Endure Pain at 25% health (4 second duration) and an Endure Pain Utility skill (5 second duration).

It also has two healing shouts that will heal for around 1.7k and can be used even when in the middle of reviving/using other skills etc. "Fear Me!" is also a great skill to use for point denial.

The banner and banner trait have been taken as when you are fighting on a point and an ally dies, it is invaluable to be able to rez them up quickly, the banner allows you to do this and is a very underrated skill.

Choice of weapons has been so that attacks with Hammer when stunned will be drawing on 3k power, which is better than most crit damage, and both sets also have very good CC and survivability.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Papa's Double Double Build


This build is a real glass cannon. It has 23k health and 1k toughness. However, with Endure Pain and Fear me, it should give you a few panic buttons if you're targeted badly.

The 2k precision gives a 59% crit chance, with Sword and Burst skills both having a 10% extra crit chance.

Between Precise Strikes (33% chance) and Sigil of Earth (60% chance) you have a 93% chance to inflict a bleed upon crit, which is pretty tasty, especially considering you do 10% more damage to a bleeding foe. It's always worth making sure there's a bleed up on an enemy before dropping your Eviscerate (around 750 damage extra).

With 1.5k power and 900 condition damage this is quite a versatile build and should stack a lot of damage. Best way would be to open with Whirling Axe and Dual Strike, cripple, then switch to Sword/Sword to stack some bleeds. When Adrenaline is full get the Eviscerate off and rinse repeat.

Even with Warrior's Sprint this build might have a problem staying in Melee distance so you need to be positionally aware. Savage Leap is a great gap closer, and throw bolas helps, as well as each weapon set having a cripple, so it isn't too bad if you play smart.

Dual Axe Build

After playing a fair few tournaments in the Stress Test with my Burn/Bleed build, I came up against a couple of warriors running a Dual Axe build, which made me want to test them out again.

This build has good power and precision, as well as making use of Opportunist to give 20% crit increase on Immobilize.

Signet Mastery is used so that you can have Signet of Rage up as much as possible, and alongside Opportunist you should always have frenzy up in some form.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Ranged Condition Dealer


This concentrates on doing damage through critical chance and through that applying bleeds to go with the burning and bleeds from the two ranged weapons.

Start off with Rifle and put Vulnerability down, a Volley and build a few bleeds.

When the adrenaline bar is about half full (or half empty for you pessimists) switch to Longbow, drop some burns on the opponent and a bit of AoE. The Sigil of Earth should keep a few bleeds ticking over as well as the burns.

When adrenaline is full this is the destructive part. Line up a good AoE shot on a target (or a few) and drop Combustive Shot. This creates the only Combo Field that Warriors have, which means as well as the 2s burning tick it puts on people inside it, it also means all your projectile shots do burning damage too.

I usually pair Combustive Shot with Pin Down, so they are immobilized within the AoE circle and then swap to Rifle and pop Aimed Shot (cripple to keep them in the AoE), Brutal Shot and then Volley. This does burning damage as well as good general damage, due to the Combo Field. I then rinse repeat.

Keeping Signet of Rage up whenever you can is great as it gives you 73% crit rate, a bit of extra damage and a very important Swiftness buff, which helps with kiting. When Rage is down use "For Great Justice" and that will keep your Might topped up and also give another 8 seconds of Fury.

Try and time this to be used when you have lost a bit of health, as this shout and the other two will heal you and those around you for 1,400 hp. "Fear Me" is your get out of jail card here, giving you a heal and a nice bit of breathing space, and "On My Mark" can be timed with your Volley Burn/Bleed Combo burst for extra damage.

 Bit more balanced build

Friday, 17 August 2012

A few more random builds

Grulnork's Double GS Build

A crazy build from a Guildmate of mine that uses double greatsword to keep might up at all times and also use signet of Rage as often as possible. The boons from this stay up for 48 seconds and the cooldown is only 48 seconds, essentially making the time without it up only 1 second.

With 30k+ HP this build is also pretty tanky, but has little toughness.

Rifle Variation

This is a variation on the build above which puts emphasis upon kiting the enemy, staying away and out of trouble. However, it has 28k health, so is no slouch and can put out a fair amount of damage, swapping whenever you can with rifle and using Volley.

This is also meant to be used at full adrenaline at all times so you do 5% extra damage, tick 360hp per 3 seconds, also you wouldn't use your burst skill with the rifle as it roots you which is terrible for casting.

Point Protector of Doom

Quick revivals. Battle Standard to rez people on the point. 30k+ HP, a load of toughness, healing shouts x 3 and still 2k power.

Keep adrenaline up so you tick 360hp every 3 seconds and also so Healing Surge helps you out for 8k instead of 6.

Signet Crit Build


This build has a base crit rate of 49% (with Deep Strike taken in to consideration)

Opportunist and Leg Specialist have good synergy, which means you can add 20% crit rate at points making it just under 70% for base attacks.

Critical Burst also gives 10% crit chance for Burst skills so that can boost your Eviscerate up to about 80% if times right.

Fear Me is great just for a bit of CC and will also heal you for around 1.4k and the new shout "On My Mark" will give +10% damage against the target and a 1.4k heal.

This is meant to be a decent sustained damage build, but you can get a pretty tasty Hundred Blades off too. If you want you can swap Signet of Might for Bull's Charge, which will give you a better chance of getting it nailed down.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Revised Adrenaline Junkie Build

This is a revised build which focuses on keeping Adrenaline at Level 3 at all times.


Heightened Focus, Berserkers Power, Adrenal Health and Healing Surge all get better as you reach Stage 3 so this build had good synergy at that point.

It is also very crit heavy, but packs a lot of CC with the Hammer, as well as get out of jail cards in Fear Me and Endure Pain.

Warrior Battle Priest Build

Battle Priest


An edited build with the warrior changes (new shout) in mind.

3 x  2.2k AoE heals, condition removal, regeneration and a 30% chance to heal for around 300 hp in an AoE every 10 seconds. Decent control etc also so should be in the middle of a fight at all times.

Warrior Changes from Stress Tests

  • Chop Damage: 470.3726. Damage: 415.0346.
  • Cyclone Axe Vulnerability(8s) 4 Stacks : -30 Defense. 1% Incoming Damage.
  • Double Chop Damage: 940.7451. Damage: 885.4072.
  • Healing Signet 40 20 sec Cooldown.
  • Healing Surge Heal yourself and build adrenaline. Build adrenaline and heal yourself. Heal amount is based on adrenaline level. Healing: 120. Stage 1 Heal: 120. Stage 2 Heal: 120. Stage 3 Heal: 120.
  • Mending 20 25 sec Cooldown.
Long Bow
  • Arcing Arrow Blast Finish Type.Damage: 845.4525. 802.4003.
  • Pin Down Physical Projectile Finish Type.Damage: 231.6233. 221.3518.
  • Crushing Blow Vulnerability(10s) 4 Stacks : -30 Defense. 1% Incoming Damage.
  • Pommel Bash Damage: 233.2283. Damage: 221.3518.
  • Combustive Shot Burning(2s): 8 Damage. ) 5 Stacks : 8 Damage. Aoe 240(12s): Circle 240. Radius: 240 feet. Damage: 182.6152. Damage: 249.0208.
  • Brutal Shot Vulnerability(10s) 5 Stacks : -30 Defense. 1% Incoming Damage.
  • Volley Physical Projectile (20% chance) Finish Type.Damage: 332.0277. 1660.138. Buff: .
  • Brutal Shot Vulnerability(15s): -30 Defense. 1% Incoming Damage.
  • Repeating Shot Damage: 138.3449. Damage: 553.3795. Damage: 138.3449. Damage: 138.3449. Damage: 138.3449.
  • "On My Mark!" (New) Shout. Call out target foe to make them vulnerable. 3 Skill Points. 30 sec Cooldown. 900 Range. Vulnerability(10s) 10 Stacks : +1% Incoming Damage.
  • Signet of Fury 60 sec Cooldown. 30 sec Cooldown. Buff(0s): .
  • Signet of Might Signet of Might(0s): +10-90 Power.
  • Stomp DistanceBlowout: 450 feet.
  • Throw Bolas Damage: 138.3449.
  • Kick Push your foe back with a kick. Cripple your foe with a kick. Damage: 221.3518. Damage: 996.083. Crippled(2s): -50% Movement Speed. Crippled(3s): -50% Movement Speed.
  • Punch 1 sec Cooldown. Damage: 221.3518. Damage: 553.3795.
  • Armored Attack 10% 5% of toughness is given as a bonus to power.
  • Merciless Hammer Hammer damage is increased by 50% when a foe is knocked down. disabled.
  • Sundering Mace Mace skills cause a 1-second weakness when dealing critical damage. Mace damage is increased by 10% when a foe is weakened.
  • Dual Wielding Damage is increased by 5% when wielding an axe, mace, or sword in your offhand. off hand.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Longbow and Rifle Builds

Longbow Build
This is a tweaked Longbow Build for release. It is pretty balanced, but will be no good as a point protector. This is perfect running from place to place as a support character as it can bring down some very nice damage, can disrupt the point with Fear Me and can also heal with shouts.

Rifle Build

Just Bleeds here with a bit of direct damage thrown in. The crit rate essentially makes every third attack bleed (no matter what) which is nice, there are still three heals of about 1.2k each and although not as fun as seeing lots of AoE numbers it should work very nicely in 1v1.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Warrior Combat Medic Build


This is a warrior healing build.;TwAgzCoouxcj4G7Nubk3sCZEyej5GA

You can block all incoming damage for 3 seconds, twice every 24 seconds (this also reflects missiles back)

You have two Stuns, a Daze, another block on one set and a closer, a cripple and a stun on the other.

Each healing shout gives 2.2k in a 1,200 radius and you have three of them and you also have a 30% chance on attack to heal those around you for 350.

You also give 70 attack to those around you, though this is minor.

Hammer Rifle Crit Build

This is a bit more Glass Cannon build, but one of the guys in guild (Scottishdwarf) put forward this build and it interested me.

Although your HP and toughness are quite low, you have a crazy amount of CC with the Hammer, a cripple and a knockback on the rifle, and CC in every Utility slot.

Could be an interesting build for support, but it also has a crazy amount of Power and Crit chance so the damage output should be very decent too. Would do best in the hand of a player that could manage all the CC successfully, but it isn't without question that you could Immobillize (bolas), then Cripple, then Knockback (rifle), [switch weapon], Knockdown (Bulls charge ), Fear (Fear Me), Cripple then Knockback (Hammer), THEN Knockdown, THEN 3 second stun. All by just using cooldowns once......

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Papa's Burn and Bleed Video

Here is my first video highlighting the Burn and Bleed build from below.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Final Build for Release

So finally Ive settled on a build for SPvP for release. It is a very good point protector, a decent dps roamer and a pretty appalling burst damage build.

It uses the Longbow to stack burns on the target, before swapping to Sword/Sword to stack a tonne of bleeds, and then swapping back to the Longbow to finish them off as they run away. It has 2 very decent AoE's for point protection, as well as three shout heals (traited with Vigorous shouts), a banner for clutch rezzing and a snare and an immobilize across weapon sets if it all gets a bit too much. With a crit rate of 48% on Longbow and 58% on Sword it is generally quite balanced and doesn't rely too much on only conditions.

I managed to fraps a bit during the final Stress Test, so hopefully should get a video up in the near future detailing the build and a bit of (very poor and laggy) gameplay footage. Watch this space.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

GS and Axe Burst Spec

This is a slightly edited version of Moldran's Burst build. It's pretty nice and has decent survivability. He hits his HB for about 12k and Eviscerates for around 7k. Crazy burst damage if you pair it with frenzy and balanced stance it is impossible to defend almost.

The changes made to the build reflect the gulf in skill between myself and Moldran. With the changes being:

Swapping in 100% chance to rally on vengeance
Swapping in 5% of Power (around 100) is given as Vitality

I need that extra 1k health and get out of jail card as I will die a lot more than Moldran will!