Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Hammer Rifle Crit Build

This is a bit more Glass Cannon build, but one of the guys in guild (Scottishdwarf) put forward this build and it interested me.

Although your HP and toughness are quite low, you have a crazy amount of CC with the Hammer, a cripple and a knockback on the rifle, and CC in every Utility slot.

Could be an interesting build for support, but it also has a crazy amount of Power and Crit chance so the damage output should be very decent too. Would do best in the hand of a player that could manage all the CC successfully, but it isn't without question that you could Immobillize (bolas), then Cripple, then Knockback (rifle), [switch weapon], Knockdown (Bulls charge ), Fear (Fear Me), Cripple then Knockback (Hammer), THEN Knockdown, THEN 3 second stun. All by just using cooldowns once......

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