Friday, 10 August 2012

Longbow and Rifle Builds

Longbow Build
This is a tweaked Longbow Build for release. It is pretty balanced, but will be no good as a point protector. This is perfect running from place to place as a support character as it can bring down some very nice damage, can disrupt the point with Fear Me and can also heal with shouts.

Rifle Build

Just Bleeds here with a bit of direct damage thrown in. The crit rate essentially makes every third attack bleed (no matter what) which is nice, there are still three heals of about 1.2k each and although not as fun as seeing lots of AoE numbers it should work very nicely in 1v1.


  1. Hi again, tried out some of your build and some other I've tweaked ;)

    The longbow/bleed one is kinda cool, but I've swapped for a Rifle/sword-shield one wich is really powerfull though keeping a lot of sustain with the heal shouts + the kick + the cripples.
    I might go for it at the release, I need to try the Horn instead of the shield to be sure :)

    The build would be like that:;TsAg1CmoqxUjoGbNuak1sqYUxGDA

  2. Horn is decent, but for survivability the Shield is great, Especially in SPvP. Warhorn is quite nice for getting around in WvW though.

    Instead of Blademaster maybe consider Opportunist. It has very good synergy with leg specialist!