Monday, 20 August 2012

Ranged Condition Dealer


This concentrates on doing damage through critical chance and through that applying bleeds to go with the burning and bleeds from the two ranged weapons.

Start off with Rifle and put Vulnerability down, a Volley and build a few bleeds.

When the adrenaline bar is about half full (or half empty for you pessimists) switch to Longbow, drop some burns on the opponent and a bit of AoE. The Sigil of Earth should keep a few bleeds ticking over as well as the burns.

When adrenaline is full this is the destructive part. Line up a good AoE shot on a target (or a few) and drop Combustive Shot. This creates the only Combo Field that Warriors have, which means as well as the 2s burning tick it puts on people inside it, it also means all your projectile shots do burning damage too.

I usually pair Combustive Shot with Pin Down, so they are immobilized within the AoE circle and then swap to Rifle and pop Aimed Shot (cripple to keep them in the AoE), Brutal Shot and then Volley. This does burning damage as well as good general damage, due to the Combo Field. I then rinse repeat.

Keeping Signet of Rage up whenever you can is great as it gives you 73% crit rate, a bit of extra damage and a very important Swiftness buff, which helps with kiting. When Rage is down use "For Great Justice" and that will keep your Might topped up and also give another 8 seconds of Fury.

Try and time this to be used when you have lost a bit of health, as this shout and the other two will heal you and those around you for 1,400 hp. "Fear Me" is your get out of jail card here, giving you a heal and a nice bit of breathing space, and "On My Mark" can be timed with your Volley Burn/Bleed Combo burst for extra damage.

 Bit more balanced build

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