Saturday, 4 August 2012

Papa's Burn and Bleed Video

Here is my first video highlighting the Burn and Bleed build from below.


  1. Really enjoy your work Papa =)
    I tried out the bleeding/cc build in the latest stress test and my thoughts about it are: a good mix of cc/dps/sustain.

    Now I've also seen your vidéos and Ayra's one about the longbow/bleed build and it sounds quite great too.

    So for the release I've one question: what made you swap from sword/shield to double sword ? :)


  2. Hey Alex,

    Good question mate. The reason I swapped was due to a guild mate's suggestion that the Sword Ability 4 was very good, and he was right. If you get both the Impale and the Rip off it goes very decent damage, and the Ability 5 seems pretty solid to me too. Both taking advantage of condition damage.

    However, I will still keep a shield with Sigil of Blood in my inventory, so if I come across a team that focus me a lot, or I find myself needing extra CC I can switch to it in the spawn.

    The Longbow in general gets a bad repuation. It's a decent weapon and most importantly, it's fun!