Friday, 24 August 2012

Papa's Immovable Object Build


This build is based around being able to sit on a point and hold it in SPvP.

1.9k toughness and almost 30k health is backed up by Endure Pain at 25% health (4 second duration) and an Endure Pain Utility skill (5 second duration).

It also has two healing shouts that will heal for around 1.7k and can be used even when in the middle of reviving/using other skills etc. "Fear Me!" is also a great skill to use for point denial.

The banner and banner trait have been taken as when you are fighting on a point and an ally dies, it is invaluable to be able to rez them up quickly, the banner allows you to do this and is a very underrated skill.

Choice of weapons has been so that attacks with Hammer when stunned will be drawing on 3k power, which is better than most crit damage, and both sets also have very good CC and survivability.

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