Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Papa's Double Double Build


This build is a real glass cannon. It has 23k health and 1k toughness. However, with Endure Pain and Fear me, it should give you a few panic buttons if you're targeted badly.

The 2k precision gives a 59% crit chance, with Sword and Burst skills both having a 10% extra crit chance.

Between Precise Strikes (33% chance) and Sigil of Earth (60% chance) you have a 93% chance to inflict a bleed upon crit, which is pretty tasty, especially considering you do 10% more damage to a bleeding foe. It's always worth making sure there's a bleed up on an enemy before dropping your Eviscerate (around 750 damage extra).

With 1.5k power and 900 condition damage this is quite a versatile build and should stack a lot of damage. Best way would be to open with Whirling Axe and Dual Strike, cripple, then switch to Sword/Sword to stack some bleeds. When Adrenaline is full get the Eviscerate off and rinse repeat.

Even with Warrior's Sprint this build might have a problem staying in Melee distance so you need to be positionally aware. Savage Leap is a great gap closer, and throw bolas helps, as well as each weapon set having a cripple, so it isn't too bad if you play smart.

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