Friday, 17 August 2012

Signet Crit Build


This build has a base crit rate of 49% (with Deep Strike taken in to consideration)

Opportunist and Leg Specialist have good synergy, which means you can add 20% crit rate at points making it just under 70% for base attacks.

Critical Burst also gives 10% crit chance for Burst skills so that can boost your Eviscerate up to about 80% if times right.

Fear Me is great just for a bit of CC and will also heal you for around 1.4k and the new shout "On My Mark" will give +10% damage against the target and a 1.4k heal.

This is meant to be a decent sustained damage build, but you can get a pretty tasty Hundred Blades off too. If you want you can swap Signet of Might for Bull's Charge, which will give you a better chance of getting it nailed down.

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