Friday, 3 August 2012

Final Build for Release

So finally Ive settled on a build for SPvP for release. It is a very good point protector, a decent dps roamer and a pretty appalling burst damage build.

It uses the Longbow to stack burns on the target, before swapping to Sword/Sword to stack a tonne of bleeds, and then swapping back to the Longbow to finish them off as they run away. It has 2 very decent AoE's for point protection, as well as three shout heals (traited with Vigorous shouts), a banner for clutch rezzing and a snare and an immobilize across weapon sets if it all gets a bit too much. With a crit rate of 48% on Longbow and 58% on Sword it is generally quite balanced and doesn't rely too much on only conditions.

I managed to fraps a bit during the final Stress Test, so hopefully should get a video up in the near future detailing the build and a bit of (very poor and laggy) gameplay footage. Watch this space.

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