Friday, 17 August 2012

A few more random builds

Grulnork's Double GS Build

A crazy build from a Guildmate of mine that uses double greatsword to keep might up at all times and also use signet of Rage as often as possible. The boons from this stay up for 48 seconds and the cooldown is only 48 seconds, essentially making the time without it up only 1 second.

With 30k+ HP this build is also pretty tanky, but has little toughness.

Rifle Variation

This is a variation on the build above which puts emphasis upon kiting the enemy, staying away and out of trouble. However, it has 28k health, so is no slouch and can put out a fair amount of damage, swapping whenever you can with rifle and using Volley.

This is also meant to be used at full adrenaline at all times so you do 5% extra damage, tick 360hp per 3 seconds, also you wouldn't use your burst skill with the rifle as it roots you which is terrible for casting.

Point Protector of Doom

Quick revivals. Battle Standard to rez people on the point. 30k+ HP, a load of toughness, healing shouts x 3 and still 2k power.

Keep adrenaline up so you tick 360hp every 3 seconds and also so Healing Surge helps you out for 8k instead of 6.

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