Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A few thoughts about Warriors in SPvP

So I've been incredibly busy IRL lately, which has severely cut into my play time. However, when I do play I have started to realise that there are a few things I expect from not only members of my team, but myself also, with regard to build synergy.

For a Warrior it is my opinion that you need:

Battle Standard -

This gives you an insta rez for team mates, as well as Stability for stomps and rezzes. This is so important in ticking almost all the boxes (apart from CC) for team play I can't believe anyone would ever run without it.

Balanced Stance -

If you don't take Battle Standard (you loose cannon) then the next best thing is Balanced Stance. This is great for stomping and is great when you need to get those pesky Guardians/Warriors etc down.

Shield -

This is just so good. Both skills. First you get an awesome CC that can stop a guy stomping your team mate, and the second skill is basically invulnerability. If you pair this with Missile Deflection then it becomes even stronger against ranged opponents.

The rest is down to play style. Shouts are good (especially if they heal) for Support. CC is great on Hammer and the Rifle 5 skill is pretty strong too. As a Warrior you should be working out how to stop people stomping your guys, or running around slapping other people to death.

Make it happen guys and remember, COMMUNICATE with your team if you want to win.

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