Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Papa's Double Double Build

Happy Wintersday everyone and welcome back me!

Been in blog hibernation for a while, but have come back to you now bearing a gift for the festive period. A brand new build.

If you watched any of my clips in the video from yesterday you would see a LOT of me getting my arse handed to me in 1v1. My build was OK in team fights, but if you aren't able to win a 1v1 you need to think that there's either something wrong with you or something wrong with your build...

Now I KNOW there's something wrong with me (one of many I'm sure), but I also came to the conclusion that there was something wrong with my build.

As a result, I went back to the drawing board and kept the concept alive, but made it more relevant.

Build Link

The above build relates to the video below. On the video there is a breakdown of each trait/sigil/rune etc and then a video of how it looks out in hot join. The sound quality is pretty low so I suggest getting a pair of headphones on when you listen to it! If anyone can suggest a decent microphone for me to purchase send me a message or drop a comment here! It is sorely needed.

Here is a slightly tweaked build for those that aren't a fan of Signets.

Secondary Build

There is one thing to remember with this build. SWAP YOUR WEAPONS. Every single time you can. Swap those weapons.

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