Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Papa's Elements Build

This build is based on Elements. Earth (Earthquake), Wind (Whirling Axe), Fire (Fire Sigil) and Ice (Hydromancy Sigil).

It explains the main rotation used in this build.

Swap to Axe/Axe
Hydromancy procs, chilling everyone as well as them being stunned
Whirling Axe
Fire sigil should proc giving you more AoE damage

This can then be followed by an Eviscerate on your teams target.

This uses Divinity Runes on armour, Fire and Hydromancy on Axe/Axe, Fire on Hammer.

You can use whatever Utilities you feel comfortable with. They are not that important for this build. I will say that Frenzy with Whirling Axe or even Axe Auto attack is amazing and is a guaranteed full Adrenaline bar.

This lacks a bit of condi clear so I took the Sigil of Stamina too. 

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