Friday, 5 July 2013

Papa's Physical Training Build

So the dust has settled a bit on the patch, I have had time to read a lot of builds by some very good players and hear what they have to say about possible uses for the Warrior.

From this (and this will be stating the obvious for many of you) the things that are causing problems right now are AoE damage and Conditions.

The embodiment of this is the Necro so I wanted to create a build that could put down some AoE damage and Condi's whilst at the same time bringing to the table a good foil for Necro, lots of CC.

This is what I came up with:

Build 1

I have been a fan for the Physical Utility skills for a while now, but they just never seemed viable putting up a Grandmaster trait for them.

This build brings:

Decent AoE team peels from Warhorn (when in team fights)
Good CC
Great AoE damage with burns ticking along

The way I tend to play this is almost never engaging unless you have to, and using Kick to keep people off you, hence the Scholar Runes. You could swap out stomp for Bolas for keeping someone away from you, but I like the ability to knock people out of Sanctuary/Rez/Shadow Refuge.

If you are having trouble staying above 90% you can switch one rune (or all of them) out for Divinity Runes and the damage is still very nice.

Similarly if you like engaging more in Melee range you can swap the below traits out:

Restorative Strength instead of Great Fortitude
Deep Cuts instead of Rending Strikes

There is another interesting variant of the build below using the Valk ammy and Unsuspecting Foe.

Build 2

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