Saturday, 6 July 2013

Papa's Adrenaline Junkie Build Mark III

So this is the third time I have reworked this build. It takes a lot more traits now they have been moved around to Grandmaster, but I find the damage is pretty outrageous.

Quite a few of the big players have stated that as Warriors still have zero sustain, there is no point in going anything into defence or endure pain etc, just get in, do crazy damage and either get out or die.

This build allows you to do damage with the bow, engage on your terms, get a swift HB off, and run back to your spot for more longbow action.

Give it a go, it is quite frustrating, but until they give us more sustain and the crazy AoE condi circus dies down I think hit and run dps is all we can hope for.

The utilities are up to you really, I go for throw bolas to root people for HB and kick to keep people off you when you freecast with Longbow.


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