Monday, 23 July 2012

Final BWE Thoughts

So here are my thoughts (in no particular order) on the BWE.

The below rifle build

was very decent. Great survivability and could outlast most other classes, but still survive strong burst damage if the CC was used correctly. There was also decent scope for chasing down people with savage leap etc, and the shield is very nice for when 2 or more people come at you and you need to survive to wait for friends.

The other build below was pretty weak. I wouldn't recommend it!

Also found out that the weapon swap might sigil on weapons does stack with warrior weapon swap might abilities, but that sigil of leeching doesn't stack in intensity, so it's only worth having one of them on a dual weapon set!

WvW for a Warrior is decent fun. I ran with just a rifle for most of it and it gives good flexibility with ranged and also open battles. It showed me how even a single group of players can make a big difference by going around and taking supply camps.

For SPvP I thought the rifle build at the top was decent. I even tweaked it a bit to try out what it would be like stacking crit instead of condition damage and it seemed okay, but not as powerful. It still seems that burst warriors rule the roost though. My group came up against a tournament with a crit thief and a burst warrior roaming the map together and a 10k hundred blades and a 5k backstab is very difficult to mitigate, especially when a 5k whirlwind and a 6k eviscerate from a warrior is waiting in the wings. No amount of dodging and CC can stop that!

Anyway, for people who like the Rifle build, but find it not crit heavy (big numbers) enough, I'd really suggest trying out the ranger. It's good fun and the longbow puts some nice long range numbers on the board.

I'll put some pictures of the tweaked rifle build below, but like I say I still prefer the bleed heavy build.

Knights Amulet with Cleric Gem

30% Chance to Lifesteal on Crit (Rifle)

Leeching on Shield (Very Important)

Armour of the Eagle (crit heavy)
I also found something very interesting out last night. Or actually this morning. At about 5am one of the lads from the guild told me that you could put an armour rune on your breathing mask (bottom right corner in the screenshots).

This means that you can stack a 5/2 armour bonus if you want to. This means that players can take things like Rune of the Ranger, when they are a Warrior, not worrying about the companion buff for number six, because they can then take two of another rune. Blew my mind. If you take nothing else from this post remember that!

Another (more balanced) burst build to follow.

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