Thursday, 26 July 2012

Two Condition Builds from the BWE3



After watching a few BWE3 videos from some seriously good PvP players I decided to combine a few things and create a point protector build.

Unlike a Guardian point protector this build deals a pretty decent amount of damage, to multiple enemies, whilst still having almost 2200 in toughness and 21k HP.

 When this is coupled with adrenal health (125-360 health every 3 seconds) the shout healing focus giving 3x 2k heals and your normal heal giving you 6,300 it gives you effective healing of around 500 - 600 healing per second. When you couple this with the toughness you are pretty tough to kill.

This build also focuses on stacking bleeds (92 dps per stack) on a single target and burning (580 dps) on multiple targets, and you still do decent damage with the other weapon skills and have a shield for knockdown and more mitigation.

Fear Me can also be used to clear a point for a few second and allow you to buy yourself time if it is 1v2 or 1v3 until other people can arrive.

The AoE from Longbow could also be nice in places like Clocktower, Sanctum and Keep where there are mass battles. Being able to deal 580 dps to a few opponents, WHILST focusing the target called by the team puts a little bit more pressure on the other team and makes them think a bit more, the might even pop a cooldown they wouldn't usually.

Runes wise this has 7 in Undead.

Check out the videos below for some examples. The guy in the second video is my hero, he doesn't die once....

Longbow Example

Survivability Example



That build is a bit more full on. Comes with 65% crit overall, 75% crit on sword and 85% crit on sword burst skill.

As well as this attacks have a 30% chance to steal life (on crit) so about 21% chance overall if you average it out. That means every fifth attack grants you 350 health (does not stack with Healing). The sword attacks also have a 45% chance overall to give a nice stack of bleeds.

Bleeds tick for 87 dps and Burning for 350 dps, which means you should have almost 450 dps ticking over as standard on targets, whilst you're pounding on them with crits.

The three shouts also heal for about 1.1k (nice to have your CC heal you!), which does take 80% from healing, but we don't have any on this build so that's irrelevant.

Adrenaline management is good too:

Crits give extra
Shouts give extra
Half a bar on weapon swap

Runes for this are:

2 in Balthazar
2 in Flame
3 in Forge (1 extra on the facemask)

This gives +45% burning duration which is huge when the main downside of Burning is the length it ticks. (credit to AyraSwag for this gem of an idea)

This is essentially the other side of the coin to the original build. Worth carrying a Horn in your inventroy for getting around with this in SPvP or WvW.

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