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PvP Mystic Forge Recipes

Hey guys.

I'm sure you've seen the Mystic Forge in The Mists and wondered what the hell it's all about. Well, this morning I discovered how to use it to craft SPvP gear that you actually want instead of getting random rubbish from chests. Here is a step-by-step guide to do so:

-Get SPvP gear through Glory chests.
-Buy a PvP Salvage Kit from a Glory vendor.
-Salvage all gear you don't want.
-Buy a gear token from the Glory vendor.
-Put your salvage materials and the token into the forge and it will craft an item of that type.

Be warned! Not all salvage materials go together, I think you may require a Rabbit/Deer token in order to make it work. I randomly got one from salvaging and was able to craft a decent Greatsword.

Hope this has educated you, it was a complete mystery to me until I did some exploring of it!


The Recipes
When posting your recipes, please list the following information
  • Item Token used (including Light/Medium/Heavy, or weapon type)
  • Rank token used (Rabbit, Deer, Tournament etc)
  • Arcane token (Orb, Crystal, Sliver)
Then post the item created, including:
  • Item's full name
  • Armor weight (light/medium/heavy) if applicable
  • Armor slot (head, chest etc) if applicable
Consumables have very varied recipes so just post the ingredients used, including the amount of each required.

Examples (please include Token, Orb/Crystal/Sliver and Armor Weight):
  • Free Tournament Token + Orb + Light Helm = PvP Rubric Circlet (Light Helmet)
  • Rabbit Token + Orb + Dagger = Makeshift Dagger
  • 1 Consumable Token + 1 Crystal + 1 Orb + 10 powder= Glory Booster
Below is a list of recipes based on players' crafting experiments. Where possible, I have linked to the corresponding wiki pages, so that you can see how the armor looks etc.

It appears recipes have a small chance to "crit" and create a different, rarer, skin. Orbs and crystals craft items one rarity up. Slivers seem to have unique "crit craft" skins for each tier. Our understanding of how this crit chance works is still limited, so I am only posting recipes for which players (or my own tests) have found in-game. Names listed in orange, indicate these "crit" results.

Results in green are from data collected during BWEs. These have been cross-referenced using multiple sources, and initial tests at lower ranks suggest they are unchanged. However, actual results from live, especially at the higher ranks where data was patchy, would be appreciated.

Light Armor
Arcane Orb = Country, Embroidered
Arcane Crystal = Embroidered
Arcane Sliver = N/A

Arcane Orb = Magician
Arcane Crystal = Student
Arcane Sliver = Devout

Arcane Orb = Cabalist
Arcane Crystal = Acolyte (first one in the PvP locker)
Arcane Sliver = Dry Bones

Wolf: (see anomalous results section)
Arcane Orb = Conjurer*
Arcane Crystal = Stately*, Priory, Masquerade*
Arcane Sliver = Priory*

Arcane Orb = Acolyte (second one in PvP locker)
Arcane Crystal = Vigil
Arcane Sliver = Tactical

Arcane Orb = Random exotic cultural armor
Arcane Crystal = Random exotic cultural armor
Arcane Sliver = Random exotic cultural armor

Free Tournament
Arcane Orb = Rubric, Seer
Arcane Crystal = Seer, Armageddon
Arcane Sliver = Armageddon, Wizard

Medium Armor
Arcane Orb = Superior Studded, Seeker
Arcane Crystal = Seeker
Arcane Sliver = N/A

Arcane Orb = Swindler
Arcane Crystal = Outlaw
Arcane Sliver = Rogue

Dolyak (See anomalous results)
Arcane Orb =
Pirate*, Duelist*
Arcane Crystal =
Leather (2nd in PvP locker)*
Arcane Sliver =
Duelist*, Pirate*

Arcane Orb = Commando
Arcane Crystal = Noble, Priory,"Warhound"
Arcane Sliver = "Warhound" (set has no obvious name, all 6 pieces use different prefixes)

Arcane Orb = Rascal
Arcane Crystal = Vigil
Arcane Sliver = Conquest

Arcane Orb = Random exotic cultural armor
Arcane Crystal = Random exotic cultural armor
Arcane Sliver = Random exotic cultural armor

Free Tournament
Arcane Orb = Stalwart
Arcane Crystal = Leather (1st in PvP locker), Rugged
Arcane Sliver = Rugged, Mistwalker

Heavy Armor
Arcane Orb = Worn Chain
Arcane Crystal = Chain
Arcane Sliver = N/A

Arcane Orb = Worn Scale (1st in the pvp locker)
Arcane Crystal = Scale
Arcane Sliver = Superior Duelist

Arcane Orb = Reinforced Scale
Arcane Crystal = Splint
Arcane Sliver = Pit Fighter (1st in PvP locker)

Arcane Orb = Banded
Arcane Crystal = Priory, Gladiator, Plated (?)
Arcane Sliver = Plated,

Arcane Orb =
Arcane Crystal = Vigil, Dark
Arcane Sliver = Dark

Arcane Orb = Random exotic cultural armor
Arcane Crystal = Random exotic cultural armor
Arcane Sliver = Random exotic cultural armor

Free Tournament
Arcane Orb =  Worn Scale, Pit Fighter (2nd in PvP locker)
Arcane Crystal = Pit Fighter (2nd in PvP locker), Armageddon
Arcane Sliver = Armageddon, Heavy Plate (I suspect this might be a bug, as it's a very plain set)

Arcane Orb = Makeshift
Arcane Crystal = Peacekeeper
Arcane Sliver = N/A

Arcane Orb = Gear, Krait
Arcane Crystal = Krait, Svanir (Frozen Shortbow, Etched Blade)
Arcane Sliver = Svanir (Frozen Shortbow, Etched Blade)

Arcane Orb = Valley, Forest, Flame
Arcane Crystal = Forest, Alpine, Fire/Flame
Arcane Sliver = Alpine (Zweihander Greatsword?), Summit

Arcane Orb = Adorned, Sylvari
Arcane Crystal = Norn, Glyphic
Arcane Sliver = Legionnaire, Spiked (?)

Arcane Orb = Tribal
Arcane Crystal = Summit
Arcane Sliver = "Bone" theme (Shaman/Tusked/Antler/Fanged Sword), Warstaff (set?), Ivory (shortbow), Fiery Gladius Sword

Arcane Orb = Quaggan
Arcane Crystal = Lacerator (possibly a crit)
Arcane Sliver = Bramble

Free Tournament
Arcane Orb = [Nameless] (probably bugged, eg "PvP Staff")
Arcane Crystal = Priory, Vigil
Arcane Sliver = Vigil, Whispering

Consumables follow a slightly different pattern to both weapons and armor, typically requireing more arcane materials, and less tokens.

1 Consumable Token
10 Powder
1 Orb
1 Rank Token (Rabbit, Deer etc)

Random Dye
1 Consumable Token
1 Sliver
1 Orb
10 Powder

Tournament Ticket
1 Consumable Token
8 Orbs
4 Crystals
2 Slivers

Glory Booster
1 Consumable Token
1 Crystal
1 Orb
10 Powder

Item Token
4 PvP bags (10-slot, 8-slot etc). These must all be the same type, 4x10-slot, or 4x8 slot etc.

Anomalous Results
These results may be intricacies of the system which we don't yet understand, or simple bugs, at this stage it's hard to tell. However, any results which fall outside of the expected behaviour will be mentioned here. This may even be helpful to ArenaNet in locating erroneous recipes.
  • Various items, salvaging into Tournament Tokens or tokens above their rank (people salvaging Tiger Tokens from gear in dolyak/wolf chests for example)
Though tournament tokens being obtainable outside of tourney chests might "possibly" be intended, getting tiger tokens from anything other than tiger chests is clearly unintended. If you find such recipes, I would advise using /bug to report them in game to ArenaNet. I am collecting info on this (to send to ANet), but I will not post them here, as they may be considered exploits. I don't imagine ANet will punish players for finding and using these recipes, but I don't want to encourage players to abuse mechanics which are unintended.
  • Free tournament + Sliver + Heavy Armor Pauldrons = PvP Pit Fighter`s Pauldrons
The expected result would be Armageddon, Pit Fighter is thought to be the common (Orb) recipe. So far this is unexpected as we don't have any examples of slivers crafting items of a lower rank.
  • Tournament Token + Arcane Orb + Medium Helm = Commando Helm.
Most likely a naming problem, as the helm visually matches the stalwart set. There are few items with similar erroneous names. At some point I will try to compile a list of them all.
  • Light Armor + Wolf Token recipes.
It seems like there is some unusual behavior surrounding Light Wolf sets, there are reports that each material type (Orb, Crystal, Sliver) is randomly producing any of the three sets for this tier (Stately, Priory and Masquerade).
  • Medium Armor + Dolyak
As with light+wolf, each material type (Orb, Crystal, Sliver) is randomly producing any of the three sets for this tier (Stately, Priory and Masquerade). Or at the very least, more random than usual results.

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