Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Downed State

The downed state is one of the most controversial, yet also most important, parts of Structure PvP.

As soon as you take someone to the downed state, that is half the battle won, BUT ONLY HALF. The combat dynamic then enters a second phase, which is trying to take the player out of the game or get them back up if they're on your side.

The policy should be that you drop everything and deal with it. Whether it is getting a player up or stomping a player down, this has to be handled as a priority. In order to do this there is one thing you need, and everyone needs this, Stability.

Stability makes you immune to CC. This means that you can get the stomp off or get the rez off without getting slapped away or knocked down etc. Now, the other side of this is CC. As well as Stability, everyone wanting to be in one of the top teams will have to have some sort of CC that can stop somebody rezzing their guy or stomping yours. That means that you might need to tailor your weapon set or change a utility skill to make this happen, but do it, it's important. (it is worth mentioning that stealth is a decent form of stability also as it does the same job.)

Similar to this is the ability to instantly Revive a team mate. Although this isn't compulsory, like Stability and CC is, it is highly recommended. Any Warrior not running Battle Standard (Stability AND instant Revive) won't make it into a team (in my opinion) and I'm sure some of the other skills are just as good.

TLDR: : You need a Stability skill. You need a CC skill (or two). You are strongly advised to pick an Instant Revive if your class has one.

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