Monday, 11 June 2012

Axe Burst Crit Build (BWE2 Update)

Here is an updated trait build for the BWE2 weekend, taking into account the changes in traits etc

This build is paired with full Eagle stats on armour items, amulet of the berserker and then a 5% crit chance sigil on each axe.

I tried both putting 30 in Strength and 30 in Discipline to see which yielded more damage and even in a Crit build the extra Power did more than the Crit Damage.

A regular Chop on full adrenalin would yield around 1.2k on a full protection specced Warrior with the 30 in Strength and around 1k with 30 in Discipline. I only got to play a couple of hours over the weekend but found that the damage didn't seem as incredible as BWE1 and the Stress Test.

More testing to follow!

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