Tuesday, 12 June 2012

BWE2 Warrior Thoughts

Warrior in W3:

Survives nicely if specced correctly and as a 'Combat Medic' can be veru useful. This is done by taking all the revive traits possible, 20% speed up, extra toughness etc. Very useful to have a strong Warrior running around getting everyone up.
Shout and banners build is viable, but only when they fix the Banner bugs. As it stands (through a fair bit of testing) it seems that the buff is not being applied even though it says it is.

Warrior Weapons:
Mace - Nice stun and pairs well with shield

Shield - nice damage mitigation (especially when paired with trait) and block is very useful.

Sword - Useful for hamstring and leap to get into range and keep enemies there

Hammer - good for fighting melee classes and keeping them at range

Greatsword - very OP at the moment (Hundred Blades), expecting a nerf incoming from all the people whining about it.

Rifle - good damage and good range

Longbow - not as good as the rifle

Horn - Great speed buff and decent buff

Axe - good damage, eviscerate needs a buff badly


In great need of fixing as it is buggy as hell right now. Would be very nice once sorted.

Pretty decent with around 50% mitigation. VERY weak when not specced properly and can be a glass cannon.

Horn is great for getting about and closing distance. Melee weapon speed trait is still buggy so not worth taking yet and the rifle gives decent range.


Need a serious rethink as some of the traits are totally useless, especially where they are placed. The XI and XII skills are also not good enough to warrant their placing there.

Downed State for warrior is one of the best around. Nothing better than springing up to nail a fool in the face who was laughing over you.

Needs a rethink BADLY. How eviscerate with two dual wield axes only uses one of the axes to judge damage is a joke. Hundred Blades is critting (with elite signet and power signet popped) for 14k and the same situation is yielding a 7k eviscerate something is stupidly wrong. I hope they fix it.

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