Monday, 11 June 2012

Greatsword PvP build

A guildmate walked me through this build in the BWE2 (he may put one up himself at some point so it's worth keeping an eye on his blog: )

As you can see from the build above it is still very crit heavy and it is worth stacking Eagle on armour items and berserker amulet for the neck.

For the weapons you should have Sigil of Intelligence on the Greatsword, Sigil of Superior Battle on one Axe and Sigil of Superior Doom on the Main Hand Axe.

With this build you run in with Axe on, drop a few chops and an AoE or two to build Adrenaline and then for the rest of your fight keep it at Level 3. This build DOES NOT USE the Burst Finisher.

When Adrenaline is full swap to Greatsword (making sure Auto Attack is not on) and you will have the Sigil of Intelligence 100% crit chance. Pop Hundred Blades and watch the opponent melt.

My guildmate managed to clock up a 14k hit on the Golems in the Mists when using the Power and Elite Signet cooldowns whilst using it.

Worth a try for a laugh!

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