Thursday, 28 June 2012

Stress Test (June 27th)

So I've decided that I've consistently become shitter at GW2 over the course of Stress Tests and BWE's and everyone else has got better. Couple this with the fact I was never that good to begin with and therein lies the problem!

Add into the mix the nerfing to warrior and last nights stress test was FRUSTRATING. However, saying that, I did find a very very decent Rifle build, which when supported with Axe/Shield (using Eviscerate as an actual finishing move) I found a bit of fun for an hour.

Had a rampaging DC in the last ten minutes which I couldn't get back on after, but apart from that the Stress Test wasn't all too stressful. The stability on the PvP servers was lacking, but that only happened with two hours to go and you imagine ArenaNet were testing how many servers they could turn off before it all went to shit. I like to imagine it like a big game of jenga where they are actually pulling servers out.

Anyway, build to follow later today.

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